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    The distribution of April 2018 is... +

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By joining SACEM, authors, composers and publishers protect their works, regardless of how they are exploited.

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Produce and broadcast music, including music for a telephone on hold, organize an event...

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Sacem Luxembourg

The distribution of April 2018 is online!

Dear members, The distribution of January 2018 is now online! You can consult your personal distribution statement via your member account. Read more

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Sacem Luxembourg

SACEM announces three multi-territorial deals with Facebook

The deals will ensure that Sacem’s members and the other rights holders it represents are recognised and remunerated for their works. After signing one of the first ... Read more

Sacem Luxembourg

Economic Analysis of Safe Harbour Provisions

PRESS RELEASE -27 FEBRUARY 2018- Copyright “safe harbour” rules, drawn up a quarter of a century ago to help nurture early online commerce, are today distorting ... Read more