The SACD’s missions and values

The SACD is a society of authors, a not-for-profit, non-trading company founded by authors, that united with Beaumarchais in 1777 to defend their rights. Its missions have developed over the years, but the values it defends remain the same and are now as relevant as ever.


On behalf of and for authors, the SACD defends their rights and their liberties. It provides authors with support and assists them throughout their careers. It is mandated by its member and owner authors to protect and defend their rights.Over time, the SACD has become an essential spokesperson during negotiations with producers and broadcasters, determining fair conditions for the use of authors’ work. It ensures that every author benefits from a favorable global contractual framework. It funds and organizes numerous actions and events designed to showcase authors and art, support the emergence of new talent and new art, and create opportunities.


Since July 1st 2013, SACEM Luxembourg is responsible for the collection of authors’ rights in performing arts.


The SACD is represented on the Luxembourgish territory by the SACEM Luxembourg.


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